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To be honest, this is selling you another concept. Yes, we need certain languages, presentations, anyway ... to communicate and exchange. Nameless, no matter as to how it will be sold, or you name it, this is an adventure, without adventures, tea is boring. Harmony states find no door. 

















Nowadays, we are formed by information, we can search and download everything from the internet. Even in the published books, there are many contrary answers. When we are drinking tea, what are we drinking about?


Though I've been participating in the field of tea for almost a decade, my roles have changed from a consumer to trader, a tea student to “teacher”, but still facing confusion while I was sourcing teas, sometimes, the fames and stories make me feel too much, so what about the other way around, provide less information before tasting... know the names or give names later, would be also fun to know the individual prices later.

I had this crazy idea at the beginning of May. Before certain Teas are going to be released (or already released but won't be told in the program), making a pre-tasting Tea Sensory Experience for tea friends - sharing and learning with the nameless tea club.



















Indeed, this is an experimental project, there are some mysterious tea groups all over the world, no one selling teas without labels, as far as I know. This is not about me, it is a co-create experiment. Coz the more you dig into this rabbit hole, the more you see how diverse the world of tea it is, just like this planet and human, can’t be simply categorized as 6 types or 10 types, or those ones taste better because of the names, years, or awards, turn the way around, it would be fairer.


I think it is more ecological and kind to not overpower tea but empower people, inspire people to find the own way, to connect nature from inside to outside.


I want to inspire people to enjoy self-discovery. Provide you the chance to enjoy tea freely in the first place, how you wanna relate with the names, descriptions, and backgrounds, later, I will share what I learned over the years, from different tea professors and masters. The views on the way might be different, the harmony state is the same. 

Nameless is a growing creative and adventurous program, inspires people to explore. Starting from Chinese teas, the vision is to expand and include teas grown and produced worldwide. Could be a set of Green Teas, Black Teas, etc, or from the same terroir but different types of tea. I always inspired by tea and tea friends, so might have more ideas coming up. Keep teaing, inspiring, and shining back your energy back to nature!

The concept and content, include all texts and photos are originally created by Lian Xue, feel free to use them, please credit the source.


Cheers, Lian

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