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2021 Zhengyan Shui Jin Gui Yancha Water Golden Turtle

2021 Zhengyan Shui Jin Gui Yancha Water Golden Turtle

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Harvest Period: Spring 2021

Cultivar: Shui Jin Gui

Origin: Guan Yin Yan, Wuyi Ecological Preserve, Fujian Province, China 

  • Characters

    Shui Jin Gui, aka "Golden Water Turtle" is one of the 四大名丛 Four Famous Wuyi Rock Tea Bushes. The roasting level is medium to high and three times over the charcoal roasted, this tea tastes sweet and mellow, with fruit candy and exotic floral notes, and dark chocolate gently swirls around the palate. 


    Made by the leaves grown in GuanYin Yan/ Cliff -   one of the core production areas of Zhengyan Yancha, located in the first part of 九曲溪 Jiu Qu Xi (Nine-turn Brook), which has very good biodiversity and microenvironment.     

  • Brewing Guide

    Leaves to water ratio




    5s/5s +5s   7- 9 Times 

    For getting more balanced tastes and aromas, we recommend using a teapot of less than 200ml.

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